How to Make Homemade Honey Lemonade


How to Make Honey Lemonade

Summer in SLC has arrived with the speed of the blazing sun. It’s desert living here, so we shouldn’t be suprised. But as temps have stretched into the 103’s this week, we’ve holed ourselves into snowcones and waterparks, sighing like old women and constantly commenting, “This Heat!” and “Wow! It’s hot!”

There’s nothing to do on day’s like these but drink yourself cool. A tall glass of iced tea or frosty lemonade has never tasted so good.

Rather than sucking down vats of sugar with those powdered drink mixes, we’ve decided homemade honey lemonade tastes 80x times better. And just so happens to be the easiest thing you’ve ever made. Topped with a batch of fresh berry ice cubes (which are even easier to make than the lemonade), this recipe is a total summertime must-sip. Grab yourself a pitcher, squeeze a million and two lemons, then drizzle in raw unfiltered honey to your hearts content. 

Or, just grab a a pitcher and head over to Nature Nates for the step-by-step recipe. You will love. 

How to Make Honey Lemonade

Get this recipe for How to Make Honey Lemonade on Nature Nate’s delicious website:

Want even more fun flavor ideas for your lemonade? Click back into the Cheeky archives and make these Gourmet Pure Fruit Ice Cubes. Blended kiwi, bright yellow mango, deep purple blackberries. These little ice cubes are like sticking a smoothie right into your cup o’ ade. Yummy and gurgeoussss. 

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