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Cure Blog Day 1

#ManicPixel Scavenger Hunt: Day 1

September 30, 20150 Comment

Heeeyyyaaa Cheeky readers! For the next three days, my blawg is being taken over by YA author (and ma dear friend) Christian. I met Christian in line at a coffee shop. He said hi, we chatted a bit and discovered we’re both freelancer folk who hit the shoppe from time to time to do a […]

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FINAL- Pineapple Toast Recipe SM

3-Ingredient Pineapple Avocado Toast

September 3, 20150 Comment

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by DOLE Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. DOLE provided compensation for my time. As always, all opinions expressed in this post are mine. There’s this big, glorious park in the center of Salt Lake City. It’s official name is “Liberty Park” but I call it the Sesame Street Park because it […]

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2015-08 Apple Pancakes POST 1000

3-Ingredient Paleo Apple Pancakes

August 31, 20150 Comment

   Whether your eating paleo, diving into keto or just trying to oomph up your intake of plant-based versus processed noshes, there is one undeniable truth: at some point, you will wish you could motorboat a pile of pancakes. A big, glorious pile of soft and floury flapjacks, patted high with butter and drizzled with […]

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3-Ingredient Strawberry Avocado Toast

August 10, 20150 Comment

Here in SLC, we have this gorgeous little coffee shoppe, called the Rose Establishment. Sparsely decorated and purely hipster, it’s one of the most beautiful shops in the city. Well worth a trip for their fresh baked goods and carefully crafted cups of coffee. Their carrot cake, topped with a thick layer of cream cheese […]

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Detoxily -If you're not hungry...

True Dat.

August 7, 20150 Comment

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2015-08 Zucchini Parm Boats COMPLETESM

3-Ingredient Zucchini Boats

August 4, 20152 Comments

   When it comes to dinner making, it’s so easy to fall into lazy zone. You whap a bag of premade shortcuts from the freezer or throw on your flip flops and call it a day, heading out for a vat of fries or a hunk of grocery store sushi. It’s just so easy to […]

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Detoxily New plan #1

100 Veggies Detox: 1 Week, 100 Veggies

July 29, 20152 Comments

Let’s Eat Real Food! A proper detox isn’t just about taking things out of your body, it’s also about putting things in. Antioxidants and other, mostly plant-based compounds like phytosterols, are the weapons the body uses against toxins, stress, free radicals and other things that tax both our immune systems and our digestive tracts. The […]

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2015-07 Tomatoes -Regret

Yeah, Exactly.

July 22, 20150 Comment

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2015-06 Honey Lemonade Final SM

How to Make Homemade Honey Lemonade

July 1, 20150 Comment

  Summer in SLC has arrived with the speed of the blazing sun. It’s desert living here, so we shouldn’t be suprised. But as temps have stretched into the 103’s this week, we’ve holed ourselves into snowcones and waterparks, sighing like old women and constantly commenting, “This Heat!” and “Wow! It’s hot!” There’s nothing to […]

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